2013 SAF - Paul Rudolph Scholarship Recipient, $5,000 Award: David Morrison

David Morrison was the recipient of the 2013 SAF - Paul Rudolph Scholarship. He graduated with a Masters Degree of Architecture from the University of South Florida (USF), School of Architecture and Community Design, in Tampa, Florida in May 2014. Mr. Morrison is a 2008 graduate of Manatee Public High School in Bradenton, Florida.

David writes, "Although most would express clean lines, open floor plans and wide overhangs filled with natural light as key features to Paul Rudolph’s earlier works, it would be remiss not to acknowledge that these features are simply a response to their surrounding context. Developing the design to work alongside the context and embrace the Florida climate has had a profound influence on Florida Architecture and that of my designs. Because of this appreciation, I am truly grateful to receive this scholarship as I strive to approach design from a simple and logical standpoint rooted in creating responsive Architecture."

USF Associate Professor Michael Halflants, AIA, recommended David highly, writing,"David is one of the most conscientious and rigorous students I've had the chance to teach over the last ten years. His dedication to his studios is manifested in well-crafted and sophisticated design solutions that have a rare clarity for the complexity of the programs."

David is currently a designer at Halflants + Pichette: Studio for Mordern Architecture in Sarasota, FL.

Shown below: SAF Board members Janet Minker, Michael Kalman, Elliott Himelfarb, Dan Snyder and Christopher Wilson with David Morrison.

Shown below: University of South Florida, School of Architecture and Community Design (SCAD) students Nina Reali, James Gilman, Dan Greenberg and David Morrison create the 8 Bit Contour Bench in this time-lapse video.


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