2015 SAF - Paul Rudolph Scholarship Recipient, $5,000 Award: Elizabeth King

2015 UFA Elizabeth King Pin-Up
Elizabeth King attends the University of Florida (UF), School of Architecture in Gainesville, Florida. She's expecting to graduate in May 2017 with a Bachelors Degree of Design in Architecture.

Elizabeth writes, "Over the past two years, it has become clear to me that learning about the design of architecture is a unique and challenging process. Each year I am introduced to new design challenges, fundamental concepts, and the innovative works of famous architects, however, I have discovered that architecture is a lifelong exploration of design possibilities and questioning of the development of such fundamentals. The challenge of designing architecturally is composed of precise detail that affect the atmosphere and function of a space. The flow of movement, direction of light, window placements, interaction of landscape, etc. are key influences on how a person may feel and experience a place. It is therefore crucial, as a designer, to take into account our surroundings, the particular needs of people, and our human understanding and experiences to influence each, individual design. I found it interesting, as I studied more of Paul Rudolph’s work, that some of his designs were directly correlated to his life and experiences. His innovative works had rich context behind them, making them successful and stimulating.

My future goal is not only to be a great designer and architect, but to live with compassion, passion, and dedication. I plan to continue my education through graduate school and hope to be part of a cause that takes architecture beyond the design of a building and becomes part of something that makes a difference in my community and the life of others."

2015 SAF - Paul Rudolph Scholarship Recipient, $1,000 Award: Angie Aramayo

Angie Aramayo
Angie Aramayo graduated from Pine View High School, Sarasota, FL in May 2015 and is attending the University of Virginia (UF), School of Architecture in Charlottsville, Virginia.

Angie writes: "
I am a Peruvian who came to the Unites States at the age of 9. With that in mind, I have experienced struggles in my life that have shaped the person I am today. From having linguistic disadvantages to financial deficiency I have had to learn to surpass all of my struggles. Despite the traits I have acquired from the hardships I have endured I would not be where I am without the work I have done throughout my high school career. My hard work has helped me success at my school and in the various programs I have become part of. I inspire to be an architect in order to design and construct health centers and orphanages around the world. By earning a rigorous architecture education
Angie and her family
I will be able to become a successful architecture while at the same time service others. Paul Rudolph has influenced my work by demonstrating the unique usage of space and lighting. On my portfolio I portray lighting and the same usage of space as Paul Rudolph did. His work has truly inspired me to become an outstanding architecture just like he was."

"My wish is to be able to utilize my skills in architecture and leadership to help others. I believe that the more successful I become as an architect the better economic stability I will have. However, my quality of life will truly improve once I increase my service of others. By joining the organization Architects Without Borders, I will be able to design homes for the less fortunate allowing me to help others while I carry on a successful and profitable career in architecture."

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