2014 SAF - Paul Rudolph Scholarship Recipient, $5,000 Award: Katelynn Nicole Smith

Katelynn Smith attended the University of Florida (UF), School of Architecture in Gainesville, Florida and graduated in May 2015 as a double major with a Bachelors Degree of Design in Architecture and a Bachelors Degree of Science in Sustainability in the Built Environment. Ms. Smith is a 2011 graduate of Bayshore High School in Manatee County, FL.

Katelynn writes, "Paul Rudolph's Sarasota Modern works were focused on adapting to the subtropical climate of Florida and relating his buildings to their context. He was far ahead of his time experimenting with sun shading devices and cross ventilation of spaces. Concepts that are now widely used and taught and useful tactics for sustainable design. These concepts have greatly influenced my designs especially in the Florida landscape projects where we are faced with the same dilemmas of Florida climate and context." 

The $5,000 SAF - Paul Rudolph Scholarship enabled Katelynn to travel and study in the University of Florida's Vicenza, Italy architecture program in the fall of 2015.

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Katelynn Smith, 3rd year student at the University of Florida School of Architecture

2014 SAF - Paul Rudolph Scholarship Recipient, $1,000 Award: Elizabeth King 

Elizabeth attends the University of Florida (UF), School of Architecture in Gainesville, Florida. She's expecting to graduate in May 2017 with a Bachelors Degree of Design in Architecture.

Elizabeth writes, "Because I played sports for Sarasota High School, I did get to enjoy Rudolph’s addition to the school. I remember sitting on the steps looking at the dramatic overhangs, trying to understand how and why. Although I had no idea at the time, I was looking at an astounding masterpiece. Recently, as part of a light study in my current design studio course, I chose to study Paul Rudolph’s works. Granted, it is only my first year studying in this field, and I have yet much more to learn, I was amazed at Rudolph’s approach to design. He designed to fit the environment and its surroundings so that his structures would seamlessly tie in. The dramatic overhangs that I once examined out of curiosity, all of a sudden had meaning. That particular structure embodies spectacular lighting and shadows. His work has played a role in my life more than I had thought. It is because of my questions of design, like that of Rudolph’s structure that developed my curiosity into a passion and love for architecture. Presently, being over half way done with my first year studying architecture at the University of Florida, I can say that I am even more in love with architecture than before I came here. It is undeniably a rigorous and consuming field of study. Nevertheless, it has been worth every struggle and exertion. I look forward with excitement to learn more about Paul Rudolph’s work and someday contributing splendid architecture just as he did."

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